Bush attending A/N game


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Dec 19, 2007

Unless you've been to a game the president attended before you can't understand the importance of getting there early this year. The last time he went was my '08 son's plebe year, so most folks on here have never seen the level of security involved. In 2004 we were sitting in the nosebleed seats, and could see people still waiting in line to get into the stadium at halftime. Everyone goes through a metal detector/gets patted down, and every bag is searched. It is not the usual cursory inspection, and it takes time. Please make your plans accordingly so that you are not disappointed.
Ah, the joy for an extra search!

It's great to have him at the game though!!! :thumb:
could see people still waiting in line to get into the stadium at halftime.
Yuk - that would be horrible.

How early did you get there?
I looked on the website:

Navy begins marching on at 9:30 and Army at 10:00 am. I could not find what time the gates open and I can't remember from 2 years ago.

I can't stress the importance of dressing warm and being prepared for being outside for many many hours. If you get there for the march on you could be there for 8 hours in the cold.
I plan to be there at 0730. The line/time will become exponentially longer as the morning progresses. I noticed that Army has the side of the stadium that stays in the shade for the whole game this time -- darn!

A couple of tricks I have learned over 5 years of games:

Thermacare heat wraps. What a difference these make! I use the ones meant for your back (wrap around your waist), and the ones that fit over your shoulder/back of your neck. When your core is warm it helps immensely!!

Full sole footwarmers (rather than toe warmers). You can find these at outdoor stores or online. Along with hand warmers to put in your gloves/pockets thses are invaluable.

A tightly rolled sleeping bag rather than a blanket. I am not kidding. I did this two years ago and it was the only time I have truly stayed warm the whole game (other than club level seats last year!). It was not unwieldy as one might think -- I simply unrolled it unzipped on my seat, sat in it, and zipped up. I was the envy of all around me! It was simple to get out of when I wanted to walk around, but stayed toasty the rest of the time!!

For those of you who live with cold weather as a norm this may seem extreme, but this southern girl has thin blood!!!