Cadet Laundry?

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    How is Cadet laundry handled at West Point? Or, specifically, if you have personal items (e.g. your own boot socks), how do you get them back from the laundry? Label them? Sorry if this seems to be a silly question, I was just thinking and I got curious...
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    There's a laundry service that you can send out clothes weekly that is "free". Aka, you pay for it from your cadet account whether you use it or not. Its not the most amazing, but its pretty decent for most uniform items. You will be using it during Beast so your cadre will explain how it works. Don't send out civies or your white t-shirts, and you should be good during the school year.

    There are also laundry rooms in two of the barracks that you can pay to use, dry cleaning/laundromats in Highland Falls if you can get access to a car, or the possibilities of doing it at a sponsor's (which is the only free option of the three so that's awesome).

    One of our RTO's is very adamantly against the barracks' laundry rooms though and they have only been open for parts of the year forcing cadets to go figure out different options to do their laundry. I don't think this policy will continue of keeping them closed though as she PCS's somewhere else.

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