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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Four2Go, Aug 14, 2010.

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    Our daughter is a highschool sophmore, in her 2nd year of Marine Corps JROTC. I'd like to learn more about honor and leadership camps. Can anyone share more information on frequency of these camps and application process? Thank you.
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    Don't know much about Marine jrotc

    but i do know AF JROTC has an annual honors camp held once year during the summer where maybe 200 or so cadets are accepted.

    I recalled while applying to AFJROTC Honors camp that there was a marine one, but i was only eligible for AF- was not accepted (neither my SASI nor I knew if rising sophomores were even allowed).

    Ask your JROTC Instructor for the best info. The information website to AF ROTC Honors Camp is partially locked-application parts- to the public- wouldn't be surprised if this was the case for Marines.

    Also try looking at STEM at the Naval Academy (for up to rising juniors and younger- I was there this past summer, free of charge upon acceptance, transportation fee not included), AIM at CCA, and the various summer seminars- rising senior year.

    STEM=academically oriented but most of us were interested in one or more of the academies (they took a few from each state- 120 per grade group).
    app process- simple, list ur grade, accomplishments in EC's, act/psat/act scores, and a few quick essays- paragraph or 2

    Since i'm only a rising junior, ur best bet is to ask your child's jrotc instructor
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    Look into Leadership Challenge Weekend at Norwich if you want something short (starts on a Friday ends on a Sunday). They've got an extended version of it that goes for two weeks in the summer. I went to the weekend version and combined it with an overnight. Flew in and did the overnight on thursday, then LCW from Friday to Sunday. If your daughter is interested in a military college, you can knock out a campus visit and a leadership camp.

    Norwich commissions something like the second most Marines next to the Naval Academy. So it's definetly a school of interest if your daughter is looking at a military college and a career in the Marines.

    Here are a few links:

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