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Nov 23, 2008

Just curious.. does your personal page change to appointment extended? or something that would indicate that an offer is about to be extended? I know there is a change in the USAFA and USNA pages. We are just getting tired of waiting!! right now it just has her name and a comma with USMA Class of 2013 after it. It sounds so good!

Thanks so much.
Wheather mom, my son received his appointment recently and he says his candidate portal says the same thing. "So and so, USMA Class of 2013". But, he's not sure how it was displayed before.:frown:. Goodd luck to your daughter.
ya when i received my appointment another section appears on the candidate login and asks you to accept or decline the appointment . also with the letter they send, there is a postcard to send back in letting them know if you have accepted it or not. good luck!:cool:
Oh, you're right Texan101, there is a new section titled accept or decline under "candidate kit" part. He didn't see that a couple of days ago when he was checkking for his second nom. Oops!
enjoylife, well congrats! maybe i'll see him there i'm still waiting from airforce tho thats my #1 choice. but as of right now it looks like army :cool:
Texan101, I hope you get your appointment to USAFA since that's your first choice. My son's first choice is USMA but also has Navy appointment to think about. Good Luck!
Just to give others an idea,
I received my appointment in the mail, and my portal didn't change for another 5 days. Don't stalk the portal, the mailman got the prize.

When your appointment does show up, the portal offer is on some obscure line on the right side in gray, hard to see.
portal question

Just want to check to make sure we're not missing anything, under the caption "instructions for applicants offered admission", there is a link to a pdf document with all the instructions for forms to send in -- but there are no links to any of the forms -- before my son contacts admissions to ask what he should do, does anyone have the links for these forms and has anyone received a hard copy of the instructions in the mail?
Thanks to everyone for their encouragement.. The guidance office somehow messed up sending her completed educational both Navy and MA... so she is just being looked at now. She went to Summer Seminar at the AFA last year.. she just loved it.. although because she went there and has a bias, she would be thrilled to attend any of the academies.. because she just really wants to serve. She applied to ROTC as well. We stressed over AP Physics.. she got a 77% last quarter.. and we were really happy!! LOL.. happy over a C.. Yeah.. it is really that hard. Physics and Calculus, demon tortures of senior year.

Good Luck to Everyone.. Go Army... Go Navy... Go Air Force... (See how Swiss I am being???):wink:
another13mom, I'm assuming your son accepted his appointment to WP so your son is one step ahead mine. Good luck getting through all the paper work.

Weathermom, taking AP physics and AP Calculus (AB or BC?) together won't be so bad if these kids didn't have so many other activities on the side such as sports & clubs. My son took them last year and let me tell you I've witnessed him sleeping on his desk at 3, 4 AM way too many times:thumbdown:. I hope your daughter gets through it okay.

She got waitlisted today.. she was really upset.. so went upstairs to sleep. :frown: She also got into Xavier with over $50K in scholarship money... but since she didn't get WP and is in the national pool.. we know it is not good for her. We had an advantage since we live in a smaller state.. but WP is probably the most sought after in our state.. and Annapolis.

Funny you can get a great scholarship, but the heart wants what it wants and even $50K doesn't make her happy... Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
so sorry for your news today -- are NA and AF still outstanding? Maybe one of them will come through -- also from these forums, it seems a good number of kids come from the national pool (I'm sure the forum wise owls will let you know all those details) ...having been through the college application process once before w/ kid no. 1, these are hard times -- my best wishes to your daughter...
Is she on the national waiting list for West Point?
Tell her not to give up yet! It's only January. Lots and lots get offeres off the waitlist.
Now she should also think about options - how much does she want West Point? enough to go to prep school for a year? AOG Scholarships are generally offered to kids who won't or don't get off the national waiting list.

If she hasn't already she should email or call her Regional Commander.
prep school

Yes.. she is on the national waiting list. Her liason officer told her when he first met her that she had a decent chance because she as a girl.. and they want to have more females. My daughter didn't really warm to that idea... she wants to be selected because she is qualified and not felt that she is filling a quota.... okay that being said... because of that interview.. WP went from 2 to 3 on her list.. AF is number 1. However, she feels that if WP will not take her then she will not make it to others. She went to Summer Seminar for AF...loved it.. loved it...
On top of things.. found out yesterday that guidance did not send academic info to they sent it.. we called frantically.. and they said they will review.. but everythign else was done in Sept. Oct. The regional guy there said... hey.. your CFA is good.. you got extra points on that.. and also that they would use her 28 in Math on the ACT and convert it to a SAT score. She is retaking ACT tomorrow...

She will go to Prep school if offered... she also got 3 other offers with great scholarships.. like over $14K per year to some great little schools for physics. Got into George Washington, Xavier and University of Dayton. SHe applied for AFROTC. wow.. I am so tired.. and have to do the silly FAFSC.. application.. it is due 2/15 in most places.. although I don't have all my tax forms yet.. ebcause they changed the rules this year and they are not required to mail them until 2/17. Guess I will guess to the best of my ability!!
Take a deep breathe, Weathermom. Your daughter is going to need you to help her get through this. I'm with JAM, I don't think your daughter should give up yet. You never know what can happen between now until I-day, R-day..... Besides I'm sure she'll come around and be happy that she has some awesome scholarships to fall back on.
First - your daughter should not be insulted about the comment for needing more females. West Point has the fewest number of any academy - they have the hardest time attracting women. She will be offered an appointment because she is qualified. The remarks are meant to be encouraging.

she feels that if WP will not take her then she will not make it to others

If she will consider prep school then she should convey that desire to any academy she will prep for. The admissions offices recommend candidates for prep sponsorship. Right now - my belief is that showing interest is positive. A lot of kids lose interest and find a different path right now.

She should not give up now- regardless of where she wants to go.

You can estimate the fafsa and fix it later. hang in there......
fixing FAFSA

Hi.. thanks for the FAFSA info.. I figured I could get it in and amend it.. but I did not want to accidently misrepresent anything.. and $$ is all screwy from 2008..because my husband died and all the IRA rollovers, Social Security.. etc. The stress of going through all this alone.. plus no family within 1000 miles is starting to get to me.

Question... how can she show interest for Prep school (AF or NA)... should she call them and say.. I have not heard anything.. will Prep school be an option for me? Any ideas on verbage or tone would be appreciated.

Thanks to the responders on here.. I just have to be the "rock" all the time and it gets tiring.
USMA female recruiting


I did not mean to offend anyone... it is just the liason officer caught us off guard because he kept going on how USMA only had 5% females..and that basically her number 1 attribute was being a girl. On top of that.. during her MOC and Senator interviews.. she was encouraged by 2 of the 3 committees to not go to WP.. because they were not "female friendly".

Now.. that being said.. my daughter and I talked about it. We looked at the boards etc. We did not find that to be the case.. Everyplace has people that have bias .. etc... In fact, I think all the Military Academies have great respect for PEOPLE.. whether they are male or female. Hope that makes sense.
she was encouraged by 2 of the 3 committees to not go to WP.. because they were not "female friendly".
wow - I have to say this is irresponsible. I can't even begin to wonder what would possess anyone with any knowledge of West Point to say this.

No doubt, West Point is a very physical place. The females do all the same training as the men and it is hard. This doesn't mean they are not female friendly - whatever that means.
Females are well respected at West Point - IMO. BTW - West Point is about 18-20% female.

Weathermom - one step at a time. This is a stressful time of year, waiting for offers, getting some offers and weighing them. Hang in there -my heart goes out to you.
One step at a time.

About Prep school - certainly communicating with her admissions rep is a good thing - show the love! She can call or email - just have her call to check, establish a rapport. In the conversation she can say that she heard about prep schools and wondered if that is a option that might be available to her. Offers are made until well in to the spring.
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