calc abs


Mar 30, 2016
Can I see my score after taking the calc 1 test through the ABS? After I took it it never gave me a score and it doesn't show up anywhere else.
It's in the weighed total section ast the bottom of the my grades tab.

Hmm. its not there for me. when I click on the test it says that I have completed it, but there is nothing in the grades section. Thank you though.
I might have miss spoke, it might just be the total score at the bottom on the my grades page. I hope this helps!
Does anyone know what a passing combined score is to validate either just calculus 1 or both calculus 1 and 2?
If we got a 4 or 5 on the AP calc BC would that override the placement tests on ABS? I did fine on the Calc 1 tests but did terrible on part one of Calc 2 because classes ended over a month ago and I didn't review at all.