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    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Good Afternoon All,

    I am currently a freshman MIDN at a university in the Midwest. Next year, I am going to be a MIDN at another university in the Midwest.
    The university I am currently attending has a strong engineering program (we'll call this Uni 1 for the sake of understanding), but the university I'm transferring to has an even better and harder engineering program (we'll call this Uni 2).
    I recently had a conversation with the Freshman Couselor/Officer at Uni 2 and he told me to take Calc 1 and Physics 1 and try to get it out of the way because he inferred that I, and other MIDN at Uni 2, would be able to take Calc/Physics 2 at a regional college (which is allowed by NROTC and the Univeristy) because students at the main campus of Uni 2 were failing and even the best students were getting C's at best.
    My concern is that you need to have one semester of Physics and Calc done at a "home unit", meaning one semester of calc/physics done at a main campus sight.
    What I was wondering is if I can kind of declare that Uni 1 is my main campus, complete a semester of Calc 1 and Physics 1 at Uni 1 and the main campus. That way when I get to Uni 2 I can take Physics/Calc 2 at a regional campus and get a better grade and smaller classes (the Officer said that they cover the exact same material but the classes are 15 people max instead of nearly 100 people lecturers, and so students tend to do better).
    I'm sorry if it's difficult to understand what I'm saying, I tried my best to say what I needed to say. Thank you for your time. [/COLOR]

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