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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by EchoSierra, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Hello! I know a lot of how competitive an applicant is depends on who else is in their district. I'm from District 10 in Ohio, and wondering if anybody with experiences with how competitive this state and district are is willing to share. Thanks!
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    Just my opinion, but given that Wright-Patterson AFB is in Dayton (the largest Air Force base in the country) and district 10, I would expect it to be pretty competitive.

    I grew up in Dayton and worked in the labs at Wright-Patt. There are a LOT of Air Force people in Dayton, Fairborn and surrounding areas.

    Mom to DD, USAFA Basic Cadet 2018
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    Ohio is fairly competitive, and that district is also pretty competitive, especially with WPAFB around. But worrying about things you can't control in the application process is not a good use of your time.

    Anecdote from my experience: Ohio has approx 400-450 people applying for senatorial nominations, states like Montana have less than a hundred, states like CA, MD, NY have WAY more than Ohio. It's one of those things you have no control over and there's no fix other than having a stronger application and interview than everyone else.
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    What he said. Also, if you are in a state/district that has hundreds of applicants then also consider what can be done to "stand out". From our experience...

    DS went the traditional sorta route for his package, but with a strong focus on leadership and his personal interviews. He landed several noms including a prinicipal.

    DD went less traditional and really turned some of the essays on their head with a high risk/high reward strategy of stylized narratives. Her scores were lower, leadership slightly lower than DS, but during the interviews all of the MOC offices wanted to talk specifically about her essays. She also landed several noms including a principal.

    Moral.... There is no magic bullet here. Have the best package you can and/or find a way to stand out and make the committees remember you for being special.

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