Can cadets ever travel with the football team to out of town games?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by batmom, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Can a cadet from USAFA (not an athlete) ever travel with the football team to one of the out of town games. We would love to go see the USAFA/San Diego State game and wondered if USAFA ever allows some of the cadets to come along to cheer?
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    Yes, cadets can go to away football games. In fact, I believe that USAFA would like as many of the Wing at the away games as possible. However, they are responsible for their own travel arrangements and would not travel with the team. I do not know the process for getting USAFA approval for this type of travel. Your cadet needs to use their squadron chain of command.
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    No, regular cadets can't travel with the football team to their games.

    Blackbird is right that is usually isn't difficult to get permission to leave, training permitting, if you pay your way. Occasionally for the bigger games, USAFA is able to get a plane to take regular cadets to games. Essentially this is usually Guard/Reserve plane that uses the flight to get hours and/or training accomplished. For example, a KC-135 from Grissom ARB, was able to take a group of us to the AFA-Michigan two years ago. However, these are usually fairly last minute and subject to change.
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    There is a traveling contingent to most, if not all, away football games. They're usually responsible for lodging, car, food, etc but they get to fly milair. Part of the contingent is made up of club teams (handball, volleyball, etc), but then there is usually a tasker sent out for each game asking if any cadets are interested in being on the contingent. Preference is usually given to cadets from that area, but anyone in good standing can put in for it.

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