Can I accept an appointment and enroll in civilian college simultaneously?


Nov 15, 2016
If I get appointed and accepted into a civilian college, can I enroll and pay the fee for the civilian college and accept the offer of appointment at the same time?
Also, right before school starts, can I choose to go to the academy rather than the civilian college or choose the civilian college over the academy?
You absolutely "can" do either. Whether or not you "should" is up for debate.
I personally think it is a good idea. Go through BCT and if you like it, great. You lost $0-200 but you'll get it back in your basic pay soon enough. The money loss is temporary and you get to save yourself a lot of worry during the summer if things don't work out. It's always great to have a plan B. Sure, you may be occupying one potential spot for a waitlist applicant, but don't feel guilty because you earned that spot and you may need it someday. Someone will get that spot eventually even if you do give it up. I wouldn't mind waiting a couple months for a spot at a dream school
BCT usually finishes before the deadline to start other colleges. If you are accepted then you can usually delay a decision until well after the appointments are made for USAFA. My DS had a full ride to our state university and did not decline it until after BCT ended.
My advice is to be up front with the civilian college, by letting them know why you are accepting the offer. Some schools are very accommodating. Others are insulted and get pissed. By being up front, you don't burn any bridges and you may actually get your deposit back, but you risk them taking back their offer of acceptance.
As I read this, I am not sure of your reason for asking your question. If you are positive that you want to be an Air Force officer and want to make sure that you have a plan B in case something happens during BCT, then we are having the discussion about being upfront with the civilian college and you are probably fine. If you cannot make up your mind and want another few more months to make a decision, I would have to question if you really want to be an Air Force officer.