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Mar 14, 2008
(Copied from introduction thread per suggestion)

Hello everyone,

I'm a new member of the forums, however I've been reading over a large quantity of the information posted here and I thought that I would introduce myself and see if I have what it takes, and see if on the things that I'm unsure about, if people could give a clarification of ways that I could improve upon my failings so that I could reach the skies and cross into the blue.

Currently I'm proceeding in my second semester as a freshman (18 years) in a Bachelors of Multimedia, but I really don't think this is what I was supposed to be doing, especially now that I see that some of the opportunities that were withheld from me in my past may now be a valid plausibility for my future.

Essentially I always was interested in flight and combat air craft, I've done tons of computer flight simulators in my past, involved myself with a large selection of combat aircraft games, researched numerous types of aircraft including fixed wing and rotary style frames, and more recently have been researching the combat capabilities and characteristics attributed towards the next generation flight line; including the F-35 Lightning II JSF, the F-22 Raptor, the B-2 "Spirit" bomber, and the U(C)AV Predator flight drone.

In truth I've never really known what I wanted to do with my life, and when I chose this career path it was because I had high aspirations of being a game designer / level designer and making some of my ideas come to life, however, once I heard that PRK laser surgery can be used on potential pilots and is a waiverable action, well I decided to re-research all of the stuff I knew about joining the AF and becoming a pilot, and I was pleased to see that it may still be a possibility.

I originally looked into the prestigious AFA, but my high school grades were tarnished in my freshman year, and I really had no aspirations or desire to do anything in them, except during my senior year in which I was able to bump up my GPA to a passable rate. In addition to those unfortunate events my mathematics, physics, and science skills (not reasoning, as I have that) were unfortunately never truly explored greatly, and my physical fitness was at a very poor low at the time, which influenced my lack of desire to participate in group activities or even at all, which ultimately destroyed the possibility of me ascending towards a higher education at the prestigious Air Force Academy.

But my research didn't stop there, though that's probably the best place to go to get a foot in the door of becoming a pilot, I knew there had to be other opportunities and so I came across the Officer Training School and researched that in depth. However, after reviewing the fitness requirements and the fact that it was more of an offer type system, and seemed to really be something specifically for the people who had already prepared, I decided that it would not be the best opportunity for me to do that, especially since my degree is a bit specific and may not be what I want to truly pursue.

Lastly, I researched the ROTC programs of the Air Force, and was pleasantly surprised that it might be something that I could actually get into. I recently inquired towards a detachment commander for additional information about the ROTC program and learned that I could do an in-college transfer through a scholarship since my CGPA is quite high, however I would need to pass the AFOQT (which I bought a book and am now studying through), a PFT (which I know that at this moment I couldn't do because I have no real fitness whatsoever, though I am trying to get into it, but more on that later), and the Medical Physical (which has me a bit worried since I've never taken a full physical before and am quite anxious when it comes to injections or extractions with needles).

I realize this is a lot of information that I'm pouring out but understand that I am doing it because I truly want to know if I can do this.

Essentially my limitations are as follows:

AFOQT practice scores in mechanical aspects were low.
Poor physical fitness and no real past experience in it.
Current eyesight: 20-200 adjusted to 20-20 through corrective lenses.
Lack of experience in mathematics, physics, and science related courses.
Undecided degree choice and no true pathway set out.

In addition, I've been told that though I seem to have an annoying lack of self confidence due to my lack of a large amount of socialization skills from high school, I have the qualities of a bright and determined individual, I'm quite intelligent and can reason things very effectively, I'm open to learning new things and have no problem working towards a goal, and that I'm a moral and good-intentioned individual.

I'm willing to work towards what I need to so that I can accomplish my dreams, however I would probably need help in becoming physically fit, as my current attempts have not ended up well, and I apparently bend my back when I go up on pushups.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you for those that read the above, and thanks furthermore to those who respond with the intention of assisting my endeavors.

- Brian.


I understand I'm probably not the usual person to post on these boards, but I want to make a direction for myself and any help on my misgivings or issues would be greatly appreciated.


In terms of a flight school, though I've looked into it, the fact of the matter is that it would cost 30,000 - 50,000 for an actual pilots license around here, and being in a high cost college already (which I'm not even sure I'm going to pursue a field through) makes that a bit of a problem, especially on the topic of hours and what not.

There is no actual gym in our college, and so getting into a fit shape has proven quite hard, especially since none of the people I've tried to get assistance from, have any real patience, which is what I would initially need until I could get my bearings and start improving on my own.

I can't really say what my difficulty is on the mentioned fitness techniques because I've had very little experience with all of them, though I am improving on my running speed (though that will take some time), doing push ups and sit ups has proven harder than I had anticipated, because of my poor form in it, and my lack of experience in proceeding with such workout methods.

On the topic of my academics, the college I'm at right now has mainly put me in a history and English dominated course selection, a long with some graphic design classes, and since my mathematics and science abilities were never actually explored in school, I have very limited knowledge in those fields, and would probably have to take some basic classes or find a very patient teacher, to get me back on track (which our school does not have, as it starts at a very advanced mathematics course)

As for my SAT and ACT, I never actually had to take those, as the college I've joined had a policy of giving others a chance without those, and the GPA I had was high enough to get in.
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Wow thats a lot of information by the way (no wonder no one responded yet). Ill be glad to help you along the way. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to be discussing this (correct me if I'm wrong moderators) but if not I'm sure theres no problem moving it somewhere else.

O.K. first things first there's a lot of information you're asking about. Its not a bad thing... actually its a good thing because I really would like to help you here and it just means I have a lot of helping to do. Being in the Air Force myself as an active duty enlistee aspiring to be an officer, I know a lot of information or options you can get in to.

As of right now it is a little too late for me and I got work early tomorrow morning. I would start to answer your questions tomorrow and give you options a long the way.

By the way, what you are trying to achieve is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. But there's definitely going to be a lot of hard work from your side.

I would like to note this though. It seems like you are really worry about your fitness qualifications. When I went to basic we had people who could not even do a single push-up (basic training to enlist does not require any PT test I don't think). But at the end of 6 weeks these guys could pass their PT doing around 55+ push-ups no problem. The fact is if you do them everyday you'll definitely reach your goal. The problem is people tend to think negatively about it and they end up passing the day-to-day opportunity to improve so they get more discourage hence no progress.

My first Tip? start doing Physical Training. Whether its as simple as push-ups, sit-ups, and running a mile. Gym? If you have access to one GREAT take advantage of it. If not don't worry... all you need is the pavement. You also already have a great tool here.... The internet! start researching for good workouts that don't require the gym. Trust me where theres a will theres a way. Its overrated but its true.

It's late. I will try to leave you more tips tomorrow whenever I get the time. Later.
When ...... who could not even do a single push-up (basic training to enlist does not require any PT test I don't think).

Correction: There's no Physical Fitness Test when you initially get in but you need to pass one to graduate Basic Training.
Wow that is a lot to digest. Since you are a college freshman USAFA will be looking at those transcripts very critically. You will want to have taken those core math and science classes, and done well in them. After that you will want to take a good look at your resume, what have you done since graduating HS? They will want to see leadership, and some kind of sports activites. The best suggestion is to reach out to your local ALO, and have them give you some guidance. It isn't to late, but you may have your work cut out for you.

If you are truly serious you can try the enlisted route. You will have to join the regular AF or the AF reserve/Guard, and do a couple of years there, but it is a very solid option in your case.
I too was very out of shape when I first considered the USAF. My freshman year of HS, I could not even run the mile! However, when you pursue a sound fitness program, results can be drastic. To start with, you should start doing push-ups, sit-ups, and running (a fast 1.5mi is the goal). None of these exercises requires anything more than a path to run on (be it a trail, road, or track) and a few feet of space. Personally, I find running/jogging to be much easier with music or another person. Work on these things at least 4 days a week--every day you are not very sore. If you do get very sore, take the next day off of that activity and work on something else (i.e. if your legs are sore, work on your abs and push-ups). The key is to stretch your capabilities a little bit each time, but not injure yourself. Nutrition and rest are extremely important in maintaining a healthy fitness program., so don't neglect those.

Talk to the detachment commander or other person in ROTC and set some goals and priorities.

If you design and follow a sound program, initial results will come within weeks. From there, you can set goals for the next time period.