Can i get accepted to the citadel, VMI, or norwich?

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  1. valter123

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    Junior in high school age 17


    3.3 GPA
    letter in academics
    honor roll every year


    Soccer; 4 years, 2 years varsity
    Nordic Skiing; 4 years 3 years varsity, team captain, all conference, all conference honorable mention
    Track; 4 years, 4 years varsity, all conference, all conference honorable mention, record holder in multiple events

    (outside of school)
    Club soccer; 2 years, co-captain
    Martial arts; 4 years
    sailing; 5 years


    Ecology club, 2 years
    School Newspaper; 2 years editor/general reporter


    Instrument; guitar, 2 years and saxophone 3 years
    Private Pilot certificate
    Church involved, youth group leader


    school sport fundraising; 72 hours
    church affiliated work; 40 hours


    Golf caddy; 2 years
    Private landscaping/yard maintenance work; 2 years

    Work ethic;

    vivacious worker, risk taker, disciplined, well rounded, strong willed, knowing my boundaries, hopeful, respectable, responsible, willing to step beyond my comfort zone
  2. Roman

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    Probably not with that ACT score. Take the test as much as you can! I would recommend buying or borrowing the official practice book. I got it before my fourth (and final) test and really wished I had gotten it sooner.
  3. Sedrider

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    the citadel

    will take you. :)
  4. Sedrider

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    i would suggest at least 1 year of jrotc if available to you. that also opens you up for scholarship options and gets you ahead of the game on drilling and sir/ma'am tendencies.
  5. tucker92

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    One suggestion, if you really are that good, is to contact the track coach and, if you are so inclined, indicate an interest in running track there (Norwich has no track team -- maybe soccer?). Having a coach in your corner can't hurt.
  6. Gcokeley

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    ACT is a little low, but your ECAs would make up for it. I would say so.
  7. goaliedad

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    To add some statistical information regarding the schools in question (via

    25th percentile ACT: 20
    50th percentile ACT: 22
    75th percentile ACT: 24
    Avg GPA: 3.03
    Applications: 2081
    Accepted: 1629

    25th percentile ACT: 19
    50th percentile ACT: 22
    75th percentile ACT: 25
    Avg GPA: 2.9
    Applications: 2962
    Accepted: 1950

    25th percentile ACT: 21
    50th percentile ACT: 23
    75th percentile ACT: 26
    Avg GPA: 3.14
    Applications: 1721
    Accepted: 905

    So I'd say statistically speaking, you are well within the range of accepted students. And with relatively high acceptance rate at Citadel and Norwich, being at or above average bodes very well statistically. Your EC's are solid. If you demonstrate solid character through your admissions essays and recommendations, your objective is well within your reach.

    That being said, please note that all 3 of these schools have significantly lower than average completion of degrees within 4 to 6 years, signifying a larger than normal drop out or transfer out outcome.

    In the case of a SMC, I would say that these schools don't turn out to be what their applicants expected. My best advice is to spend time at the schools not just listening to the sales pitch (the job of admissions folks), but observing the lives of the students there. Try to understand exactly how your life will be for the next 4 years. It isn't all military parades and field activities with some exciting classes during the day. There will be plenty of difficult time management issues thrown your way. You will be physically and mentally taxed. You will not have the support systems you have at home or at "normal" colleges.

    What I am saying is that getting in is the easy part. Completing the mission successful is more difficult.

    Best of luck.
  8. bruno

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    Feb 2, 2008
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    That's good advice from Goalie Dad. The framework of these schools is military but the primary objective is not to produce military officers as a vocation but to use the military framework to produce graduates who understand the value of honor, time, discipline and performing under pressure. As any honest graduate will tell you- it can get to be a very wearing experience being forced to juggle between multiple equally critical academic deadlines while being pushed Hard to execute time consuming military duties and watching kids at other less constrained colleges having a lot more free time and privileges. You really have to want to be there; and the best way to get an honest feel for the school is to take advantage of the overnight visit while the Rat line is in full roar (or the Knobs or Rooks as appropriate at El Cid or Norwich).

    These are great schools and I think that they do a great job - but they definitely require a lot of dedication and you need to make sure that you understand that the parade looks cool (although it's often very hot!)- but it comes with a year of pretty constant phyical and mental abuse, a daily room inspection, a weekly Saturday Noon Inspection, a haircut to die for:eek: and most importantly 18 credit hours /semester more or less but you can't keep your lights on past midnight EVER, (and lots more fun stuff: you may as my son did this year- be walking mindless penalty tours in a circle in front of barracks 1 hour before graduation). It's all part of the package. I wouldn't trade it for the world but it is something best seen and then considered carefully. Good luck in your upcoming Senior year !

    You can judge for yourself your likelihood of acceptance- You can read the statistics for the class of 2012 at VMI at the link below:
    Key Stats include:

    Class Rank:
    Top quarter 119 (41%)
    Second quarter 122 (42%)
    Mean SAT Verbal score: 563 Average ACT Composite score: 25
    Mean SAT Math score: 578 Average High School GPA: 3.37
    Extracurricular Activities
    Officer, student body/class 55 (12%)
    Team Captain 184 (40%)
    Student government 58 (13%)
    National Honor Society 99 (21%)
    Athletic team (2 years) 367 (79%)
    Boys' State/Girls’ State 46 (10%)
    Eagle Scout/Gold Award 40 (9%)
    Club Officer 101 (22%)
    JROTC or CAP 102(22%)
    Band 80 (17%)
    Chorus 27 (6%)
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  9. goaliedad

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    Great follow up and link, Bruno. Also interesting to see the slight variation of statitics reported from different sources. I used, but they do not state the year of the stats, so given your post, I'd go with the most recent data directly from the source. :thumb:

    One more thought on the issue of whether a SMC will work for the applicant. Once you've experienced the place and the people who populate it, you need to understand that those who are successful at a SMC see the students more as who they are than who they want to be. If you've got the stuff inside you, you'll be fine. It will be brought out of you. If you are more thinking that is what I'd like to be, they can't help you find it inside you and you will be disappointed.
  10. Faulconer

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    I got into all 3 and I'm wasn't as qualified as you are. Just show them you want in and you'll get in. :)
  11. blindfire

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    The Citadel's statistics changes each year, and for the better.

    Class of 2012

    Total Applicants-2,210
    Total who reported- 711
    Transfer Students- 50
    Avg SAT-1102
    Avg GPA- 3.35

    Some of those earlier statistics are old, but you seem like an overall rounded candidate.

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