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    Hello, I have filled out my application for SLE. I was just wondering how competitive I am. Here are my stats. Also, I was wondering about the pre-candidate questionnaire. In the spot to list other activities why do they have a character limit? I could barely put half of my achievements in it. Is there any way around this?

    I am a junior in high school (16 years old)
    Currently I have a 3.7 g.p.a (I am trying as hard at I can to bring it up)
    Currently in ap us history and ap English. The rest are all honors (I am taking c++)
    Next year I plan on taking ap calculus, ap English, ap physics, and ap java and maybe another ap history.
    I plan on majoring in engineering.
    1200 on sat (I only took it one and will take it more times)

    out of school
    Currently work as a ski instructor. I am a registered member of the professional ski instructors of America. I am going to go for my level 1 cert next month

    I plan on getting a job as either a lifeguard of a swim instructor this summer.

    Member of book club, ski club, debate team, chess club, academic team, FBLA (competing in states for cyber security), Boy Scout (joined recently and almost to eagle. I attended the national jamboree and was picked to be the spl. I am currently our troops aspl), geology club, anti-bullying club, interact and a few others.

    Run varsity cross county (2 years), varsity track (3 years), football and basketball (1 year each)

    I am a member of my school's jrotc battalion. I am the battalion commander (highest position) as a junior, which I am pretty proud of. I have had numerous leadership positions and awards. I have done color guards at professional football and college basketball games. I am on the jrotc academic, drill, marksmanship, color guard, and raider team. I am the captain of many of the teams. I have also been to the jrotc summer camp two times, where I won many leadership awards.

    Picked to go to the honors camp cadet camp, ran by the PA State Police. I was one of 50 picked over 500.

    future plans
    Applied for boys state

    community service
    Over 300 hours through jrotc, the Boy Scouts, and soup kitchens, etc.
    5 day mission trip to New Jersey for hurricane sandy help(not included in my hours)
    Plan on getting involved with my local hospital to volunteer

    Thank you,
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    SLE is a Recruiting Tool


    You certainly have a lot of accomplishments and things that the academy is looking for. You should remember that SLE is a RECRUITING TOOL that the academy uses to attract candidates who might otherwise not pursue the drawn out admissions process. It does express interest in you, however admissions will emphasis that SLE is for you - not for them. When my DS was faced with Boys State versus SLE, admissions was clear - BOYS STATE will improve WCS, whereas SLE will not. So ironically, the more competitive your district/region, the less likely you are to get an invitation to SLE as they want to expose the academy experience to candidates who are less likely to know what the academy experience is like.

    I wish you well as you pursue CO2019!
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    Listen, you really DON'T need to be worried about getting into SLE. It would be good, yeah, but don't stress it at all. I was an applicant a year ago just like all of you. I had the West Point package just like the other however thousand people did, and for whatever reason I wasn't selected to attend. Now, a year later, I am one of the first to hear from admissions and receive my appointment to USMA. SLE is extremely difficult to get into. They only had one slot last year for 500 people. I didn't make the cut, and yes I worried about that, but it has NO effect on your admissions file. The board of admissions doesn't care if you went to SLE in the grand scheme of things. You need to focus on making yourself better for admissions. If you get into SLE, it is just a bonus :). Take it from someone who stressed about it in the past. And this goes to all C/O 2019 hopefuls. D your best at everything, hope you are selected, and keep improving. :thumb:
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    While SLE gains you no advantage with West Point's admissions committee, it may be seen as a plus when interviewing for nominations etc. I was able to incorporate my experiences at SLE in every interview I had. Don't be bummed out if you aren't selected, but if you are chosen - I highly recommend going. I had one of the best weeks of my life during SLE.

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