Can someone please tell me about UT Austin ROTC programs??


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May 6, 2007
If anyone has information regarding University of Texas at Austin ROTC programs I would greatly appreciate it.

I will attend UT Austin next year and am interested in doing ROTC, and am most interested in NROTC. However, I have not heard UT Austin mentioned in great ROTC programs like Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Citadel, Virginia, Illinois, etc. If anyone has any advice, pleaseeee post it! Thank you very much!
The University of Texas at Austin
(512) 471-5919
School Type: Hispanic Servicing & Associate University

This school offers the following additional incentives to students taking Army ROTC:

$9,000 in university maintenance and operation funds. Academic credit for ROTC courses.

Engineer department offers $5,000 annually for distribution based on academics and recommendations from the PMS.

Nursing department offers $2,000 annually for distribution based on academics and recommendations from the PMS.

In-state tuition for contracted cadets.
Students at the following schools can take Army ROTC classes through the program at The University of Texas at Austin :

Austin Community College
Concordia University at Austin
Huston-Tillotson College
Saint Edward's University
Tarleton University System Center

Please contact the The University of Texas at Austin at the number above for more information about this program.

If I were you, I would contact the NROTC battalion directly at UT today:
Let them know you are coming and they can hopefully get you started on a 3 year scholarship. NROTC scholarship are very competitive and there aren't as many to go around as the Army provides.
If you think you might be interested in Army - you might still be able to get a 4 year scholarship - the Army is in desperate need of officers, and last I heard there is still scholarship money available. So if you are interested in Army as well then contact the batallion recruited without delay.

Don't be too concerned about your ROTC battalion being known as one of the "great" ones - there are lots of great batallions out there and becoming a great officer has more to do with you and what you put into ROTC than the battalion you come from.
Texas A&M, The Citadel and Va Tech all have a Corps of Cadets - if that is what you want then you are going to the wrong school.
Good Luck - get on the phone today!
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The Army, after extending it's deadline has finally closed them. However, if you apply to the respective school and enroll in the program (do this at orientation/scheduling) and then fill out the proper paper work when the applications begin for the 2008 school year, you may be able to either receive a scholarship after they have awarded all of their promised scholarships or you may be eligible to receive funding after the fall semester.
CAnderson - you are correct the deadline has finally closed for Army ROTC.

But guess what? There is some money still available for some battalions - esp if the candidate is highly qualified. The Army is also offering 3-1/2 year scholarships.
I seriously would not wait until scheduling classes, however. If one is entering school this August or September and knows they want an Army Career - they absolutely should contact the ROTC department at their school.
There the Recriuting Officer or Enrollment officer can help that potential Cadet to find the best path as well as scholarship options.
Hooah, JustAMom. I wish my mom was as informed as you, it feels like I'm talking in a foreign language when I talk to her about the military.