Can you change the school you are awarded an ROTC scholarship to?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sjbd94, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Since it is the summer before my senior year I have started and am almost done with my ROTC applications for all branches. But I have problem. I really dont know what school I want to go to. I am looking at a little under 20 different schools!!! I plan to go by what I can get into, grant it some of them are reach schools, like Carnegie Mellon. But I would hate to get accepted and not have an ROTC scholarship, if I got one, to go. If I dont get a scholarship I am limited to in state (NC). But If I do get a scholarship and dont get into UNC, I want to look out of state to other schools. So how should I go about this, it is kind of hard to explain so if you have any questions that can better help you answer my question please ask away! Really I just want to see where I get accepted to and then I will have a better chance to determine where I want to go to school. But I guess my main question is after you submit your application and you apply to schools and find out you got denied from a school you put on the few schools you can select for an ROTC app can you change it and put it to a school you got accepted to? Thanks for taking the time to help me!

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