Can you start a Type 7 AFROTC High School Scholarship at a transfer school?


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Oct 23, 2017
I received a type 7 scholarship this week, but I was hoping to go to an out of state school, although on my application, my #1 pick used to be an in state school. My #1 pick was Penn State, but I received essentially full tuition there without the AFROTC. And the program is not what I wanted to focus on (I wanted astronautical Engineering focus not just aero).
The freshman year Engineering curriculum is similar and transferable to the other schools I am accepted to and want to attend, Purdue, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech, but I cannot afford the school’s freshman year without a ROTC scholarship. So is it possible to attend PSU on my school scholarship, attend AFROTC without the scholarship at PSU, and Sophomore year, transfer to one of the other schools, and start my Type 7 équivalent 3-year $18,000 scholarship?