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Mar 11, 2007
So, since peope are actually using this forum now I decided I'd post a bio about me. To quote Kamakazi "I just didn't want to be the first person to post" haha.

Every cadet has a unique story, But I like to think that I have a different story. My father served in the 1/75th for almost 12 years and would still be serving had he not suffered a massive heart attack on Christmas eve '89. I've never been able to settle for mediocracy, in both academics and athletics and I attribute that to the go-getter attitude of my father. Academic wise, I'm on track to graduate with a 3.97 (Stupid Trig my freshman on a unweighted scale. I'm currently enrolled in several AP courses including: AP English Literature and Composition, AP Biology and AP Calculus. I will be attending Kent State University in the fall of '07 as a double major in Biology and Biochemistry with a pre-medicine concentration. I hope to be assigned to the United States Uniform Health Services Academy after my undergraduate work. On the athletic field of battle, I'm a 3 year letterman in football (missed letter by 1 quarter my freshman year) and a 4 year letterman and 3 year state place winner in Wrestling, finishing my senior season ranked top 5 (depends on the poll). I turned down wrestling scholarships to OSU, CSU and JCU to serve my country.

Career wise, I hope to serve as an ICU doctor at Walter Reed in Washington, DC. In my freetime, I love to read. My current books are Darwins Black Box: The biochemical challenge to evolution by Behe and Keeping Faith by Shearer. I work two jobs to remove alot of the burden off of my mom, I work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver and at a banquet hall called the Victorian Room.

Scholarship wise, I recieved a 4-Year Full Tuition Scholarship as well as the normal $300.00 monthly stipend, $900.00 book scholarship as well as a few incentive scholarships from the university including a room scholarship and a $1300.00 board off-set scholarship.
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Wow, congrats on all your achievements and scholarships! You never said what academy you are looking at attending, though!
I also have read "Darwin's Black Box" and found it not only interesting, but also quite informative. It is neat to hear of someone else who has read that book - you're the first one I've come across so far.

Good luck on your application!