Candidate Academic Information Question


Oct 24, 2015
Curious.The candidate academic information on USNA application that the HS counselor completes. What exactly is on this form? Just grades, GPA, rank or is there also questions /comment area the counselor types into on line? Anyone?
I believe the school profile is also a part of that to add context to your data. Weighted or unweighted GPA, how many AP courses offered, etc... I'm pretty sure it's just counselor-type stuff, not personal input about you.
While I am not sure what exactly counselors submit online, I am almost certain that the school profile described above is mailed with the school transcript to USNA.
Here are the questions I believe are on the form your guidance counselor submits.

  • Year of High School Graduation
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Class Rank (do not enter percentages)
  • If Class Rank is not available, please indicate Class Rank by Precentile
  • Class Size
  • Please indicate if Class Rank is Approximate or Exact
  • Please indicate Ranking Period for Class Rank (Rank Period start date, Rank Period end date)
  • Please indicate how class rank and grade point average are determined if profile of graduating class is not available (250 character limit)
  • Please indicate the precent of the graduating class expected to enter a 2 or 4 year college
  • Percent 2 year collage
  • Percent 4 year college
  • Please indicate if the candidate has taken any Accelerated, AP, Honors or IB level courses
  • Accelerated Courses
  • Advanced Placement Courses
  • Honors Courses
  • International Baccalaureate Courses
  • Please indicate if Accelerated, Advance Placement, Honor or IB level courses are given extra credit in computing Class Rank or Grade Point Average
  • Weighted Class Rank
  • Weighted Grade Point Average
  • Please indicate if the candidate is from a Minority Group or from a Disadvantaged Background
  • Minority Group
  • Disadvantaged Background
  • Please indicate any additional information which may be significant in considering candidate concerning achievements or unique circumstances. Specifically not if the candidate has ever been subjected to disciplinary (probation, suspension, or expulsion) at your school or if the candidate required any special accommodations or has been assigned an individual Education Plan for assistance with an Academic Skills Disorder, ADHD or dyslexia (limited to 2000 characters)
In essence, info that helps admissions rank the high school/prep school IMHO.
My DD's high school did not generally provide class rank information. I explained to them why it was important and we didn't need the information, but if they would include it for the SA's it would be helpful. They did and never told us where she ranked until graduation.

Just pointing out that if schools don't generally do the class rank - they sometimes will make exceptions for instances like SA applications.