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    This is an extremely embarrassing situation for me, so please bear with me. Back in September 2013, I attempted to fill out the CAR for USMA as best as I could. However, my counselor could not verify all my activities and rejected the CAR with a note that "not all activities could be verified." Since then, I have received an LOE and a congressional nomination, but my CAR and CFA have not been completed yet.

    My question is -- if I fill out my CAR so that only verified activities are shown, will USMA accuse me of lying? I had a lot of problems throughout high school and transferred schools twice, so a lot of my continuity was interrupted. For example, I was president of MUN last year and supposed to serve again this year, but that never happened. So when I correct my CAR, will USMA disqualify me? Also, how do I note leadership in a youth recreational sport? I coached volleyball for middle school kids, so I marked one year of Varsity volleyball because there was no other place to mark such an activity.

    Am I completely screwed for USMA? I did not intentionally misrepresent myself, and I would be honored to serve my country.

    Thank you very much for reading through this, I appreciate it.
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    First, did you talk to your counselor to find out what information they would need in order to verify your CAR. Maybe they want to see certificates, letters from others that can verify/directly oversaw you, etc.

    Second/or, gather the info to verify the other activities, bundle it up, send it to your RC with a note explaining why you are sending it, and then have your counselor verify the other part. If you can't document something, give them a point of contact who can and if it is important enough (you may or may not need it based on the change in your file and your competition), they'll give a shot at verifying.

    Finally, an in person meeting with your field force rep may help as well.

    The wrong way to go about it is to just send in a diminished CAR and have the RC question your integrity.
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    My DS coached a recreational team at the local Y. He considered it volunteer hours - not actually playing the sport. Can't remember the CAR and if there is a spot for volunteer hours on there, and then a spot to further explain the hours. I do however, remember him sending in a resume to his RC before they even opened his application (they requested this). I know he explained it on there. Good luck!

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