Candidate Fitness Assessment


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Jan 12, 2017
Are these good? BTW im 6'1 and 245
Bb Throw-63ft
Pull Ups-4
Curl ups-72
No one can really say if you passed but comparing to the average, you have 4 scores under the average. You're really close so I would retake it and see if you could do better.
Looks borderline with two areas of most concern... run and pull ups. Sit ups and push ups you are good. They might scrape by and pass the CFA. Gonna be totally honest, dropping weight will help in these two areas. The male PRT time is a 10:30 at USNA. Your current run time isn't getting you there. Keep working and preparing. If they say it's a fail be ready to turn around and retake it again before the end of the month. If it's a pass, prepare like you are going to earn an appointment and get in shape for Plebe Summer. Good luck.
Sorry to say this but your pull ups are way below norm, so I will advice you take them again since you still have some time. I understand the pull up difficulty might be due to a lack of upper body strength and your weight also plays a huge role too, but I believe you can do better. Good luck!!