Candidate Page gets new look!


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Jul 10, 2007
Just wanted to tell everyone to check out their candidate websites because they have a whole new more user friendly look. There is also a tiny bit more information concerning the dates of when items were posted.

Check it out! :wink:
Interesting! But now a question: Several of the items that were included in activities on the old form are not showing up on the new one (e.g. Boys State attendee, Civil Air Patrol Billy Mitchell Award, a few other minor ones). Son just got the call from his senator that he has an appt :)biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:!!). Do we need to notify them of the discrepancies, or just let them go since he now has the appt?
Congratulations on the appointment! :shake: :biggrin: :yllol:
Dont worry about what shows up online - they have it all. :wink:
Happy Day!!

Wow, Anonagron! Congratulations to your son for getting his appointment!!!And congrats also to you and your family!


So Very Happy For You And Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!