Candidate Questionnaire?


USNA 2023
Dec 19, 2017
I am a junior in HS applying to USMA this year and I was wondering if I should fill out the candidate questionnaire now or later? Is it based on first come first serve? Because I want to get my package a little bit more built up, like get my black belt in Taekwondo, attend boys state and become a staff sergeant in CAP. And also If I do save the questionnaire to be filled out in like July for example, is it still possible to send your initial transcript at that time? Because on the application timeline it says that you only have until the end of June to do so. Thanks
The initial Candidate questionnaire is simply to open up a file for West Point come July. I highly recommend you fill it out as soon as possible. First of all it necessary for an application to SLE which I believe is a great chance to explore West Point and see if it right for you. Also any information on the questionnaire can be changed when the official file opens in August. Admissions for appointment to West Point will only care what is on your file after August. So there is no harm at all in completing the questionnaire. Also for SLE it is first come first serve. I was accepted even before the official deadline had been reached.