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Oct 29, 2008
We have been sending in updates on my sons application and I was wondering if anyone knows how often his status is reviewed? We resent college transcripts and they are still not showing up on the Candidate Information page, yet the Regional director told me he had them in the file. We have had three things that would have impacted his status on the positive side but still haven't heard anything. Any insight is appreciated.
You didn't mention whether or not your son is a high school senior taking dual credit college courses or looking to transfer from college. My son is a high school senior who has taken some college courses for dual credit. He has sent his transcript to the academy and has been told, after asking, that the transcript was received, but he never saw any change to the 'College Transcript Received?' section on the website.
I'm guessing that the 'College Transcript Received?' section must only be for transferring college students' transcripts. Sure wish they used it for all college transcripts so that the loop could be closed.
Not sure if this helps. Good luck.:smile:
My son is a senior and is a dual enrollment student. I assumed the college transcript section would be checked off even if he was a dual enrollment student since we had seperate college transcripts sent from the college. You may be right,this may be reserved for only those full time college students. I am also wondering how frequently the applicants files are reviewed to check for other updates. My sons ACT scores just went up by 5 points so I am hopeful they will review his file again soon.
SRHSMOM, could you please tell me how you updated your son's records?

My son would like to update his but doesn't know how and his BGO doesn't know either. He said he would try and find out but it's been a while.
My son, too has dual credit courses with no status ever being reflected on the College Transcript part of status page. Apparently that is for post high school college students.

I had a conversation with Admissions in January about updating the files. They told me that the whole file does NOT go before the Admission Board each time you send something in.........some updates, such as ACT, CFA, etc which might mean a change to a candidate's whole person score can be figured by the staff.......they are probably done on a scale: For eg. an ACT of 26 gets so many WCS points, 30 gets so many, etc.

Now, as to when it should show up on your page........they are slammed now. If you have a question, call them, they are most happy to answer. My son updated his CFA before Christmas and, this is absolutely true, his CFA status updated on the web page ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

As to how to update, you just mail stuff in! Of course, SAT or ACT are sent by the testing authority. You might call Admissions (better: have candidate call!), ask to speak to your regional coordinator and see if updates need to be coded on the envelope any certain way to expedite or make the process easier on USNA's end.:thumb:
I am a freshman in a liberal arts college right now and was guaranteed an offer of appointment two weeks ago. I had a similar issue with my college transcript, it was not showing up on the candidate information page. I had to go to Annapolis to meet with a coach and hand delivered a copy of my college transcript while I was there. I hope it works out for you.