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    So, I officially sent off the last of my nomination applications yesterday and aside from sending in a couple more sets of test scores and completion of CFA, my packet is COMPLETE. The wait begins....again.

    I am a freshman at Ohio State University who is patiently waiting that appointment. I applied last year, waited up to the absolute last minute, and then found out I didn't get an appointment. It shocked my family, BGO, myself, and even the committee members who had given my nominations to me - I became very close with them during the entire process.

    So, I am merely creating this thread in attempt to find others who are reapplying to discuss the application process, your involvement, any questions, etc.

    So a little about me, I hope to hear brag as well!
    I graduated with a 3.991U 4.151W GPA from a very competitive high school in Columbus, OH that has a knack for producing students that get accepted into the academies (2 USNA and 2 at USAFA in the past two years). I was ranked 63 in my graduating class of 463 despite my GPA. I took five AP courses; Chem(3), Physics B(4), Calc AB(3), US Govt(4), and Lit(2) as well as 5 honors courses and 2 languages - 3 years of Spanish and a year of Chinese.

    I was Treasurer of National Honor Society and Vice President of the Interact Club(high school level of Rotary International - service organization). I was heavily involved in service during high school; volunteering at the local food pantry, coordinating events and fundraisers, and went on two international mission trips with the local Rotary club as well and even much more. I received awards for leadership, service, academics, and participation during my junior-senior years from school, the community, and the state and national levels.

    I am also a summer 2011 NASS alumni!

    I played soccer my freshman year and ran track during my sophomore year but was unable to play sports my junior and senior years because of my rigorous course load and the fact that I worked close to 20 hours a week to help out my single mother. I have worked at my place of employment since November 2010 and was recently promoted to a manager position and worked 40 hours a week over the summer to cover an unfilled assistant manager position.

    ACT scores: M(31) W(26) R(24) S(28) E(11) SAT: M(650) R(540) W(520) E(8)
    I know my test scores are not the best, but I do not feel as if they represent my abilities. I am hoping that my AP scores and my college courses this year will enforce that.

    I walked into Ohio State with 23 credit hours and I am currently an International Studies major specializing in Security and Intel with a minor in Chinese. I am looking into a double major in either Criminology or Political Science if I am again denied by USNA. I am in the International Affairs scholars program as well as a few organizations on campus.

    Last year, I received a nomination to USNA from my Senator as well as a nomination to the Merchant Marine Academy despite not applying. I also received a nomination to USAFA from my congressman even though I didn't apply there either. I know they say that "the third time is the charm," but I sincerely hope that with this, the second time is in fact the charm.

    So enough about me, go ahead and tell me about yourself or your son/daughter who is reapplying!

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