Can't get ahold of Medical examiner


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May 8, 2008
For 2 days, I've been trying to contact the place to take my medical exam. The phone just keeps ringing for four minutes, and no one picks up. I keep getting these reminder emails telling me to schedule my appointments. Any idea on what to do?
I wouldn't worry about it and just call them first thing the next business day.
While some of our contracted facilities are open on Satuirdays and/or Sundays, most are not. If you are getting email reminders to schedule, it's to "assist" you in not procrastinating. We could actually care less when you get your exams done, but it's in your best interests to get all requirements for the Academies and/or SROTC programs out of the way, so you can hold the Admissions and Registar folks accountable on whether they will tender you an offer or not. Noms, SATs/ACTs Candidate Fitness Assessments, medcial, etc. If I were applying, I would ensure I accomplished everything as comprehensively, completely, and expeditiously as possible. You can always "add" better SAT/ACT scores, grades, etc.:thumb: