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    This is my first time posting on the Naval Academy section of this forum, and this may seem like a dumb question, but I was wondering what happens if you go to USNA but you aren't a very good swimmer. USAFA is my first choice but USNA is second and I have begun to worry that if I am accepted I might get kicked out because I really don't swim well. Also, is there a lot of swimming during basic? Thanks,
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    Hi Bailey,
    Here are the USNA requirements (from the USNA website):
    Fourth Class (Plebe) Year:

    Swimming: 100-meter crawl stroke; 50 meters using the breaststroke and elementary backstroke (seven to 11 strokes per 25 meters); 5-meter tower jump; 40-foot underwater swim; 200-meter swim (five minutes, 12 seconds maximum).

    Here is the link:

    Some others here might be able to answer you regarding just how much swimming is involved day to day as I'm just a dad of a 2019 USNA candidate.
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    Swimming isn't tested prior to admission. If you can't swim they will teach. Not everyone who shows up IDay can swim so don't sweat it. It would be in your best interest to take lessons if you get the appointment just because remedial swimming takes away previous time later.
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    You will be taught. Whether you learn is up to you.

    If you don't learn, you will be separated. Don't let it come to that. Work at it, take every opportunity to improve yourself, and it won't be an issue.

    The mandatory swimming classes won't give you that much time in the pool, especially if you need a lot of work. It'll be up to you to find time in your day to swim.
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    DS showed up not knowing to swim. it was a problem. It lowered his PT grades. However, with the help of ALL of his company mates who frequently took him to the pool on THEIR time off to help him, he eventually got a C for swimming. I would recommend private swim lessons after acceptance, prior to Iday.
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    If a USNA appointment becomes a reality, I second the recommendation about swim lessons. Try the local Y or county pool. You will get comfortable, learn the basics and gain confidence in the water in a less stressful setting. You will have a hundred things on your plate as a plebe, and trying to fit in extra pool time with a big swim qual looming is not something you want to do. You will feel so much better if you know you can handle the swimming going in.

    I remember my OCS roomie having to go to "Stupid Swim" (not as nice labels in those days) at 0530 daily, which cut into sleep and made her life miserable, along with the other weak swimmers in that cold pool, after having walked over there in the cold dark of a Newport, RI morning with icy winds off the Narragansett Bay.

    Yes, you will be taught, but it's worth taking the initiative to log pool time before you go.

    Best of luck.

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    you have to swim at USAFA also.
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    Agree with all -- but have to tell a sea story ---
    They will not take your word that you can't swim; they will make you prove it. I remember a classmate during the tower jump at NAPS. He knew he couldn't swim, and would go straight to the bottom. It took some coaxing , but he made the jump and went straight to the bottom. Pulled out and on sub-squad for the rest of the year.

    If you cant swim, and get in --getting swim lessons in advance is good gouge. You will need to know how to swim, and anything you can do to avoid stressors during Plebe summer or even academic year puts you a step ahead.

    For those that can swim --there was nothing better than validating the swimming classes in PE. Time is the most valuable resource at USNA, and having an extra hour or two is invaluable.
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    ^^^So true. DS has validated every swim test and has been elated to have the extra time.

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