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    I can't figure this one out. Can you get an ROTC scholarship at a school that waitlists or doesn't accept you?

    I looked at the status of my AROTC Scholarship Portal online and it said I had been offered a scholarship at X University. Then, I checked online at X University this afternoon, and I have been waitlisted.

    X University's ROTC is conducted at another school nearby in the city...should I contact THAT Military Professor about helping me get into X University? Will it help me get in that I already have a good scholarship for X University?

    On a different note, how long after your ROTC Portal changes should you be getting something in the mail about my X University scholarship specifics?

    Thanks in advance. Go Army.
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    To answer your first question, yes you can be awarded a scholarhip at a school that has not accepted you. It happens all the time earlier in the year.

    To answer your next question, yes you should call your AROTC contact at the school. Typically, they want to support their first choice candidates through admissions. At many schools, the unit does have some pull with admissions. This is particularly true at private schools that are not as well endowed as they want to make sure all ROTC scholarship money ends up in their coffers.

    In any event, it cannot hurt to explain your situation to the unit and ask for support with admissions.

    You only have 30 days to accept the scholarship, but if you accept and cannot attend because you cannot get off the waitlist, it puts the unit in a bind as they cannot offer that scholarship elsewhere until you decline it or trade it for another school in May. They have every incentive to get you a straight answer from admissions on where you stand, so they don't hang up their scholarship.

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