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    Once you get into the Naval Academy, how likely is it that you will be able to go into the field you want? Does the top of the class get to pick?
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    You may find this recent thread and many others useful. Try using "service selection" as a search term.

    And, read everything, follow every link, on

    And yes, your order of merit (class standing) plays a role for both service selection and selection of ship or pipeline school date start. For example, someone near the bottom of the class may still get their #1 choice, Surface Warfare, but not get their dream ship and location, getting an amphib in Norfolk instead of a Burke destroyer in Pearl Harbor.

    Fall of 1/c year is generally service selection time, and after winter holiday, ship/school date selection. Some mids hear earlier what their service selection is, such as early select submarines.

    Finally, YouTube is also your friend. Here is a sample searching on "USNA Class of 2016 service selection":

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