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    I'm curious as to the effect that my major has on the types of jobs that I will be able to perform after my time at USCGA. Will an electrical engineering major be able to do jobs related to that major as a Coast Guard officer or will I likely have my job picked for me regardless of my major?
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    Little to none. Your major here at the Academy plays almost no role in what you do immediately following graduation. Everyone goes one of five paths: Deck Watch Officer (Navigation side of the underway life), Engineering Officer in Training (also underway), Flight School, Sector Prevention (ashore), and Sector Response (also ashore). 85% of each class goes underway for their first tour. The only way that your major may matter is for Engineering Officer in Training. Some classes, it really doesn't matter for that job because it depends on the number of engineers who want it. 2012 had several Government and Management majors who decided to go engineering and they have been very successful. My class on the other hand had a huge percentage of engineering majors who wanted to go engineering so only one non-engineering major was picked up for that specialty. Long story short, perform well here and you have a higher chance of getting what you want come Billet Night.

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