Cecille Sorio selected as next year's Corps Commander at TAMU

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    By ELIZABETH KAMENICKYelizabeth.kamenicky@theeagle.com|2 comments

    The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets has selected Cecille Sorio to serve as commander for the 2016-17 school year.

    Sorio is the second consecutive female commander selected.

    The San Antonio native follows Alyssa Michalke,who made history a year ago when she was chosen as the first woman to lead the Corps.

    Sorio is a member of Squadron 12 outfit and a sergeant major who oversees four outfits in the Third Wing. She is also a first-generation Aggie and American college student.

    Although the announcement was made Tuesday morning along with the rest of the new senior Corps leaders, Sorio said she found out Monday morning and the shock has not gone away.

    "It is still very fresh," she said. "I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. I've had the cool opportunity to be in an umbrella position [as sergeant major] for four outfits. This will be a great way to improve that development on a larger scale."

    Sorio said she is honored to be chosen and believes she was selected fairly, regardless of how much attention is being paid to her gender.

    "It's not because of race, religion or gender," she said. "[The Corps commander] is chosen based on philosophy, and what you can bring to the table."

    Sorio was among 80 senior leaders in the Corps who applied for the position of commander, according to Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez Jr., commandant of the Corps of Cadets and member of the A&M class of 1979.

    Applicants had to answer a series of questions through an essay application to determine who was interviewed by an executive panel that included Ramirez, his staff, ROTC leaders and current senior Corps leaders.

    The panel recommended Sorio as a finalist to Ramirez, and he said he made the final decision Sunday.

    As part of the selection process, Ramirez said Sorio was chosen based solely on her qualifications for the position, and, like Michalke, gender was never considered.

    "I want everyone to understand that these ladies are deserving because they are good cadets," he said. "It is not based on their gender or race; it is because they are the best cadets for the position. I'm excited for Cecille and the entire lineup of corps leaders."
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    that's pretty cool- 2d straight Female Commander

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