Cell Phone Coverage?


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Dec 1, 2008
Which cell phone services get the best coverage at Bancroft and the Yard itself?
Everyone will give you a different opinion as it has to do where in Bancroft and where on the yard.

Mid has had both Verison and ATT. For his company's wing, ATT has been better. Not necessarily true if you are in other wings. We did not renew a two year contract until during his Plebe year so that we could switch companies, if we had to, with no penalty.
Both of my mids have verizon. Neither one have ever had any problems with their service (calling, texting and emailing) and they are at two different sides of bancroft. One of my mids even has our sling box coming through his blackberry so he never misses his favorite show or favorite team playing! The youngest one (class of 2013) used her phone (verizon service also) during her CVW and had no problem either.
S used Verizon while at NASS, and I used it also in the Yard while there picking him up. I was there for a day and a half with zero problems with coverage. I own a small business and had dozens of interruptions while there...
Does anyone know about TMobile? I just renewed a 2 year contract.. So I'm kinda stuck with that regardless. Maybe I'll just have to wait until CVW to find out?
My mid has had nothing but problems with Verison - especially on the side of Bancroft near the sailing center. He has no coverage inside and marginal out in the parking lot. His friends have had better luck with Sprint and ATT.
my mid is in 24 company which puts her on the side of Bancroft towards Dahlgreen ( is that East?) anyway with Sprint Plebe year coverage was perfect, Youngster year , different room it was spotty. Overall Sprint works fine for her.
My son was there for CVW and has Verizon and had no problems. However, with any carrier, you want to be sure to call Customer Service and find out the codes to update your cell with the local towers (or make sure your phone is set to pick up the local towers.) I am guessing the technology is still the same and requires you to reset your phone occasionally to access the new towers. Verizon is *228 I believe.