Central New England New Appointees Welcome Aboard


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Feb 2, 2017
The Parents Club of Central New England hosts a Welcome Aboard reception for new appointees to the Class of 2022. The PCCNE includes Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. This is a fantastic event for the incoming class to meet current Midshipmen and to listen to stories and get advice prior to I-Day. Please check out the website for more information!!! And mark your calendars for June 16, 2018.
Welcome Aboard is always a great event. They get a chance to meet with current Mids and ask a lot of questions in private. Parents get some time to ask questions and answers from those who have been through the drill also. Long way for some to attend (Maine and New Hampshire), we always did one home State at the Capitol. Summer picnic at a nearby Naval Base was always fun and the Navy gave us great help every year.
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Haaaaaaaa CT, we must be the red headed stepchild of New England.

Just kidding, sounds like a really nice thing to do for these kids.
Try to do the coordination and set up for both and your DD doesn't want to be there in Whites at Welcome Aboard. It all works out in the end and it was always a great time.
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Believe it or not...we've had several Mids reach out to us and want to attend (in whites) - it's great and the appointees feel much better after speaking with the Mids.
When they come back from the Mid meeting without the parents they are much more easy going and relieved. Yeah I think they get some extra Liberty? Red Headed step child is like a rented Mule.
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