Certificate of Authorization


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Aug 25, 2011
Good Afternoon.
#3 is getting a late start on all of this.

The Certificate of Authorization...to whom does that get mailed? Can it be scanned and uploaded? Should he attach the 2K deposit and send it to the address for that? (Is there a form for that?)

#3 did not receive any envelopes and the address is not on the Required Information Checklist in the Instructions to Candidates booklet. Some of these items are due by 15 May.

Thanks to all.
The addresses are either on the form or in the admissible packet. We didn't get envelopes for awhile either and sent things in using our own envelopes.
My DD accepted April 3rd and we still have not received envelopes. We waited for about two weeks and then gave up and sent the information to the addresses listed on the forms. We haven't had anything bounced yet.

The Instruction for Applicants provides some information on the deposit,

"Checks, drafts, or money orders for the initial deposit are made payable to the “Treasurer, USMA” and sent to: ATTN: Treasurer, Class of 2021 Official Mail & Distribution Center 646 Swift Road West Point, NY 10996-1905 Clearly annotate the candidate’s full name, social security number, and address on the face of the check. The initial deposit does not have to be sent certified or registered mail. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt."

For the Vision Survey, I tried to fax it in, but their fax was broken so I called the clinic and submitted over the phone (no glasses so not much to provide).

Hope this helps.
Thanks Zoomie. The check set to mail in the morning to the address given in the Instructions. However, the Certificate of Authorization cannot be uploaded and there is no address listed in the Instructions for Candidates Offered Admissions.

You can CALL for the vision survey if you do not need eyewear and complete that requirement via telephone.
On the Certificate of Authorization, in the very fine print at the bottom, it says "Send your completed form to Admissions Office, USMA, Official Mall and Distribution Center, 646 Swift Road, West Point, NY 10996·1905." This is where we sent ours, but again we haven't seen a status change on the portal yet.
It took about 2 weeks for all of our mailed docs and deposit to be updated in portal.