CFA & App Deadline

Feb 16, 2017
DS has started his application and deadline is Nov 1. He attended NASS so he took his CFA there and was told he "passed". In comparing his scores to the chart of averages for USAFA, DS scores are over the averages in 3 areas and very close to the averages for other 3 areas (close but still under the chart's averages). He had a torn labrum when he took the CFA and just had surgery. My question is, should DS submit the CFA scores from NASS and cross his fingers that he can be cleared & get back into shape for another attempt at CFA before end of October? Is it out of the question to ask for CFA extension if rest of application is submitted? DS and I thought he would have until Dec/Jan to submit better CFA scores based on last year's applicants. I know the ALO interview part has changed from last year, is the 3month deadline after your application opens new too? Ty-Appreciate any advise & feedback!
Yes, this is the first year they are implementing rolling deadlines, as well as the new interview process. If I am correct, it is designed to level out the workload on their end, as people all tended to submit their documents at the final deadline in past years.
This isn't the first year they are using rolling deadlines. When I applied last year you were given around four months to submit your application once you were given candidate status.