CFA at NASS not showing in portal


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Jun 29, 2015
My DS attended NASS session 3 2016 and this piece of his application is the only thing missing on his portal. He was not told that he didn't pass, he was confident that he did. He had tried to contact admissions by email and phone and not gotten a response. Has anyone had this problem before? Should he just take it again and be done with it? Thanks in advance for any advice!
If I were your son, I would make sure that I was continually practicing the CFA over and over again while trying to contact my Admissions Counselor (contact info can be seen on his portal) for at least one more week. If not, I would retake it as there is no need to leave the CFA incomplete when he can do the test whenever he would like.
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Good news, his admissions contact was able to locate his scores from NASS and they are now on his portal. [emoji3]