CFA Averages For Females


Apr 14, 2017
Hello all!!

I was wondering what some of the averages are for females for the CFA. I have been trying to research but see the maximums. I have been aiming towards the maximums but would like to see what everyone else's averages are. The one I am going to struggle with the most is the run. I have been hitting real close to maximums with the rest it's just the run has been giving me difficulty. I am going to continue working hard though.

Does anyone know when the average scores were last updated?
No clue but here are the averages for USAFA. The academies score them differently but it helped me to see a different set of data points. The Average CFA scores should stay about the same each year. The general advice is to aim for above average in everything.

Back to the OP, I struggled with the running events to but ended up being accepted to 4 academies. Feel free to PM me when you reach 10 posts if you want to know my scores. My biggest advice is to practice the CFA in order and train hard. Use the search bar to find other people who have posted their CFA scores. There is also some really good running advice out there on how to get faster.
If you have issues with the run then you are real trouble. If you can't run a fast mile then that just shows you are out of shape. Don't worry about the averages and get in shape. Don't worry though West Point loves the woman so they will probably forgive a bad run time.
Oh really? They still have to pass the PFT later.
Yeah after spending a summer of West Point getting them into shape. With woman they could honestly care less about physical ability before the academy. Especially now where they are trying to get the academy higher percentage woman. I know girls who have gotten in that didn't even pass their CFA or were basically dragged through the test. I guess that is just the times we live in.
If the female cadet wants to be respected by the male cadets, she'd best physically fit to army standards. Being hot stuff at your high school isn't enough at WP. You have to be so much better. I've heard many male cadets mentioning with great frustration that it's usually the female cadets who need extra help during beast. Some are not strong enough to carry their rucks or just don't have endurance when running.

I'm NOT saying that women should not be at WP. I am saying that some who arrive at WP need to be in better shape physically.
Please stop...and op...just work on your run and you will be fine...
If the female cadet wants to be respected by the male cadets, she'd best physically fit to army standards
Completely agree!! And better yet they should pass the APFT to the male scale to gain respect. This also goes for male cadets as well...any cadet that is strong physically will have an advantage in the respect arena.