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    I found some old "PAE" statistics in a brochure the guidance counselor gave my son. The PAE contained 5 events - 3 of categorys are still used on the Candidate Fitness Test. The stats are from a "recent" West Point class.

    Averages for Men / Women
    Pull ups 8.8 reps for men / 22.4 seconds (women)
    BB Throw: 66’ / 38’
    Push Ups 54 / 29

    Top Scorers did better than or equal to this amount:
    Men / Women
    Pullups: 12 reps for men / 37.0 seconds (women)
    BB Throw: 75’, 47’
    Push ups: 74, 41

    Bottom Scorers did less than or equal to this amount
    Men / Women
    Pullups: 4 reps for men / 8.2 seconds for women
    BB Thow: 55’ / 29’
    Push Ups: 36 / 15

    The document suggested that you do "at least as well as" the mean in each event.

    This should help some applicants decide what is good score and what isn't.

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    its good to know what people actually get. the rating scale for the CFA is inconsistent with the difficulty of its scores. BB throw for instance has a max performance rating at 102 ft. Im not incredibly strong, but i have played baseball my whole life and have a pretty strong arm. I have only managed to get 72, nowhere near the max. on the other hand the max score for pushups is 75 which is fairly easy.