CFA clarification question


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Nov 22, 2013
During the CFA, if you have done as many pull-ups as you can do (I'm not talking about the test maximum) and the time is not yet up, do you remain hanging on the bar for the rest of the allotted time or can you end the test at that point? My son has received conflicting information from official sources - with one source saying that if you don't hang on the bar the entire time, the pull-ups are invalidated. That line of thinking wouldn't really apply to most of the other events, so I'm hoping someone can clarify.
Thank you - we have read through these thoroughly several times (and another son is a cadet at USMA now) but our question remains. It doesn't say that, for instance, on the pull-ups, that you have to keep hanging on the bar for the entirety of the test time, only that you are supposed to be stopped when you get to the maximum. The push-up and sit-up instructions say that if you stop in the resting position or your knee touches the ground, the test will be "terminated." I take that to mean ended, and you get what you get, but one official said that means the test is invalidated and you fail that portion. The pull-up instructions say even less about stopping.
Obviously all the service academies would like people to shoot for the maximums, so this isn't really a "What's the least you can get away with doing" question more than a procedural one -- if you've done all you do, can you stop, drop off the bar, and take your score, or did you just invalidate the entire event?
For the CFA, my DS was told that he had 2 minutes to hit the max 18 reps. if after 1 minute 30 seconds, he hit 16 reps and could not do any more, he was allowed to "drop off" the bar and 16 was his final score. He was then allowed his designated rest period to prepare for the next event. i.e he was not "penalized" for dropping off the bar before two minutes.