CFA deadline?


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Dec 16, 2017
My son had a torn labrum from football and did not pass his CFA (he was advised to not attempt the basketball throw or the pushups due to the injury, by his one of his football coaches, who did his assessment). He then had surgery (11/14/17) to repair the torn labrum and the recovery period is 6 months. He was only given until the end of January to retake the CFA, but still won't be able to complete some the tasks by that time (otherwise he would undo what the surgery accomplished). Is there any special consideration to get an extended deadline for the CFA due to his circumstance? As a football player, he has been demonstrating good strength, agility, endurance, etc. for years and I'd hate to see this trip him up, especially after having received the nominations.
By definition, labral tears cause "shoulder instability", which is a DoDMERB disqualification. This DQ would require a waiver.
Waivers are occasionally granted if he has a "positive orthopedic consultation" with his Orthopedic Surgeon who can certify that there was no "dislocation, subluxation or instability of the shoulder".
The Doctor probably wouldn't be able to do that until he is at least fully recovered from the surgery.

The waiver point is rendered moot however - if he cannot complete a CFA (with passing scores) before January 31st - as the CFA is part of the application.
Nomination(s) or not, the candidate can't be offered an appointment if the application is incomplete.