CFA evaluation and email!


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Nov 16, 2017
Dd completed her CFA today. Her scores were:
Bb throw: best score was 55ft
Pull ups: 2
Shuttle run: 8.6 sec (max)
Crunches: 95 (max)
Push ups: 42
Mile run: 7:29

1. Is this considered competitive?

2. The gym teacher who administered the test never received an email regarding it. He had a paper copy of everything printed. How can we get the scores submitted (if they're competitive)? Dds portal does have the CFA assigned to the gym teacher.
Those should be very competitive with the exception of the mile time (average for CFA based on their chart). DD had 58ft, hung for 40 seconds(cannot due a dead hang pull up --yet) 8.6 on the shuttle, 95 sit ups, 50 pushups and 6:36 mile time. She is a recruited soccer player and I would think would be on the higher end for the CFA . Your daughter appears to be in the same range (better on pull ups, a little slower in mile time).
I agree with NovaGrad. Your daughter has similar scores to our DD, some higher and some lower, but the overall package appears very competitive based on DD's scores and others she heard about (DD had 40 feet on throw, 5 pull ups, 9.2 shuttle, 95 sit ups, 50 push ups and 6:15 mile.) She took it at NASS last summer, so can't help you on the email issue. She received an LOA in September and her appointment in November, so it must have been competitive enough for that portion of the application. Best of luck to your daughter!

I am a male candidate and I'll admit that your DD did better than me on all but push-ups and pull-ups and I passed, therefore, as a female, your DD will most certainly pass competitively. As for the email issue I'd have her email the Admissions Counselor at the bottom of the Candidate Portal. He or she will be able to resend the form even to a new email.

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These scores are fine. The gym teacher should have a way to do it on line. If he did not get it, I would check the portal to make sure it has the right email.

If not, reaching out to admissions would be the next step
Yes. Your admissions counselor can "reset" the email field, so that you can fill it in again.
My DS had a similar problem, because the school mail server sent everything to SPAM. Ask the Gym Teacher to check the SPAM folder for the USNA EMail, or (what my DS did) send it to a personal EMail that the teacher can access from home or elsewhere. The teacher will get an EMail link to follow, in order to upload the data.
My DS's gym teacher had the same problem. DS gave him his admission officers name and email, the teacher contacted that person, and it all worked out apparently as it now shows as complete in DS's portal.
DS' teachers all couldn't get the emails. His FAC had him collect personal emails (which the teachers graciously gave) and everything went smoothly after.
So DD ended up calling Navy Admissions since we hadn't heard from the admissions coordinator in 48 hours. They were able to rest her portal immediately. I had DD enter the gym teacher's personal email. Within an hour, the gym teacher filled out what he had to and submitted it because DD got an email from USNA saying her CFA was complete! BTW, Navy admissions did say that lots of candidates have issues with school generated email addresses. Now if only the DODMETS and DoDMERB sites would update as quickly.......happy holidays to all!
Email the admissions officer assigned to your daughter, My son's officer asked that the information be emailed directly to him and he submitted it - and my son received and email that it had been updated on his portal.