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    DS already passed CFA at NASS but was wanting to improve score submission for USNA and USMA, submit 1st/only time for USAFA.

    Getting ready this week. For USNA...

    Question 1. I read that a commissioned officer may proctor the exam for military applicants but was told by BGO that the ROTC officer at the HS could proctor & submit the exam? Is this correct? I don't read it anywhere that this is the case.

    Question 2. There is a .pdf score sheet but the USNA instructions for the CFA state there is an electronic email module to submit the scores. What is an electronic email module? Are they just supposed to fill out the .pdf and email it? How is the CFA proctor supposed to know where to go/what to do to submit that score? There are no instructions for the instructor, just the candidate.

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