CFA pass?


Oct 9, 2016
Hello all. Do you think my scores are passing?
B.B. throw : 60 ft
Pull-ups: 17
Sit-ups: 58
Push-ups: 52
Mile: 8 min 18 sec...
I would think my mile time is putting me at risk
Thanks for your time
I can't speak on CFA specifics, however, the APFT 2 mile minimum passing time for a 17-21 year old male is 15:54. Even if your time is passing the CFA, you have work to do in order to be successful at the Academy.

-Air Cav
I'm not positive, but your sit ups may be on the low end as well. I apologize if this is incorrect but I thought the max was around 95.
Yeah that mile time is weak. The man above is absolutely correct if you get in you better take up running as a hobby. He mentioned the minimum but rarely anywhere in the Army is the minimum good enough. You need to be running sub 14:30. Thats the high end of where you should be.