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Mar 31, 2013
SAF Warriors,

In my short time on the forums (going on 9 years), I have seen a lot of discussion about the CFA (still don't understand the BB throw), techniques, its administration, etc. I know in years previous there was an idea thrown around regarding giving the CFA and its counterparts its own subforum. It obviously never came to fruition, but seeing multiple threads about the CFA, I feel this would be a good time to make a subforum. So why change what we have going? Here are my reasons:

1. The CFA covers the 3 DOD Academies and USMMA. The PFE covers USCGA. We usually see applicants applying to multiple academies. Since the CFA covers 80% of the Academies, it could save the posts in multiple subforums. It also would provide more focused attention. Going into the individual Academy subforums, topics of conversations run the gambit. However, CFA posts are just another post. If there was a unique subforum, CFA questions would stand out more. A poster/lurker knows they are going to be reading about CFA stuff going to the CFA subforum. Medical posts are usually redirected to DoDMERB. Why can't we do the same for CFA threads?

2. The three unique portions of an Academy application are nominations, DoDMERB, and the CFA. Otherwise, the applications look more or less like any other application. You will out biographic/demographic info and answer questions in the form of personal statements. If the former two have their own subforums, shouldn't the latter as well?

3. Having a subforum would allow for stickies to be posted. Kind of an FAQ section for the CFA/PFE. Other forums have this and are good resources. This can also expand to other commissioning sources and tests internal to Academies. Sure, not every person is going to ask about the indoor obstacle course at USMA or the PRT at USNA, but having a subforum would make searching easier. Like I said in #1, I would only have to dig a bit in a CFA subforum compared to having to search through a lot of threads in the USMA or USNA forum.

I'd love to hear honest feedback. I could have an idea worth implementing or I could be a "good idea fairy." (For those that don't know, a good idea fairy is someone who comes up with a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. The work outweighs the benefit or changes an already working process/procedure, etc.).

Hope you also enjoyed that military slang hip pocket class.


Oct 6, 2021
I second this idea! We're all trying to train in the same way, so seeing information together could help everyone. However, I know some CFAs are different.


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May 5, 2021
As a candidate and future plebe, I also second (or third??🤔) this idea!! I know for me, any information I could get (whether it be techniques or how to train) was worth trying. It would definitely be easier to have everything in one thread and maybe pinning it to a specific SA thread too :)