CFA -> PFT (?)


Dec 31, 2017
I hopped on the ROTC application a bit later than others, I think, but I just wanted to check something. Can I use my USMA CFA for my AROTC PFT? By having my R/C send them to the ROTC command or something like that?
Unless they changed something since I applied in 2017, nope. The AROTC PFA is a different test (1 min push-ups, 1 min sit-ups, 1 mile run). You could ask just to double-check, though.
Can I use my USMA CFA for my AROTC PFT?

No. Army ROTC does not accept the CFA.

Army ROTC accepts either the PFA (noted above) or the APFT for the HS national scholarship application.
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From the FAQ pdf available on the Additional Information section of your portal:

"Can I use my CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment from West Point or one of the other Service Academies?) Yes, you may; however, you are awarded points based off your scores on your Army ROTC Fitness Assessment. The Army ROTC Fitness Assessment only requires 1 minute of pushups and curl-ups; therefore, if you want to use your CFA, we must divide your pushup and modified sit-up scores in half. This is not in your favor. See the PFA section of the Additional Information page."
I'd strongly recommend doing the PFA. It's one minute of everything and with that you don't really have to Pace yourself. You can just go all out.