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    Son is headed to NASS tomorrow and wondering what day the CFA is given? Also any advice for NASS would be appreciated.
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    CFA was given on day 2 (Sunday) when my D went. She said:

    -take lots of socks and two towels
    -there is Mass/Church on Sunday as an option. A LOT of kids went, but you do not have to
    -don't worry if other kids go home after a day or two. It happens.
    -if he is early to finish the CFA run, or other events, encourage others in his company (kids do in fact throw up, stop, walk, etc.). Two boys in her company emerged as early, unspoken, very good leaders for this reason. They encouraged the team as a whole when some had trouble with physical things.
    -don't brag about how easy stuff is. In her company, that got people more running individually... and one time as a group (and no one was happy with that...and they emerged as the least liked, show offs early on!)
    -Don't feel that you have to ignore, protect or flirt with the girls in your company (they had all 3 things happen at times)...just be friendly.
    -Be prepared to meet kids that also went to USAFE ss and WP SLE and are headed to CGA AIM in July. It was fun to hear their comparisons.
    -Some kids wisely brought Motrin as they were really, really sore if they had not been working out since their spring sport ended.
    -If flying in, it will be NO problem to find the midshipmen in the baggage claim area. There will be a ton of them.
    -Have fun!

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