CFA Question


Jan 14, 2017
I just finished my CFA today. Everything was satisfactory, exceeding the average scores, with the exception of my mile time. It was 30 degrees today with 15 mph winds during my run outside on the track. My mile time ended up being close to 9 minutes, I ran the previous week during fair weather and had a time of 7:26. Can I retake the CFA or will they only take one test? and should I contact my BGO to tell him my case cause I really do feel like this test did not truly reflect my actual mile time.
It's not official until the data is turned in. Retake it again, absolutely.

If the data is turned in, you can send an email to your admissions counselor indicating your desire to retake the CFA (and to please "reset" the CFA email notification field).
If you retake the test, check the weather ahead of time to have a better running condition for you and set the date. The weather channel only gives you 10 day forecast, make a good use of it. We are having snow today and luckily my son had his repeat CFA yesterday. He only had to run in cold rain but it is much better than in the snow. Best wishes.