CFA request?


Jul 21, 2016
Hi everyone!

I know that for USAFA/USMA/USNA, you can request to have your CFA score sent to any of the other schools, but is that the same case with USMMA? If so, how would i go about doing this? Do I request that (for example) USNA send my score to USMMA or do I request that USMMA asks USNA for it?
I may be wrong, but doesn't usmma have a hard form to execute with the results, and the others are electronic? Can your tester just fill out a second form? or did you have the CFA at a summer session? And, I do not think it would be a problem to do it over again for the USMMA form if needed, but check with your admissions officer
Contact your dmissions counselor at the Academy that you did the CFA at... for example, I did one at NAPS 2016, so I emailed my USNA admissions counselor and requested that he he sent it to USMMA. Hope this helps!