CFA Results


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Jul 19, 2017
DS completed CFA last week:

BB Throw 63
Push up 74
Shuttle 9.3
Sit-ups 63
pull-ups 12
mile 6.39

I think he did well. How'd he do?
As a 42 year old fatty observer, very well. As an evaluator, no clue. Sorry- but it sure SEEMS like nice scores!
I'm just working off CFA numbers listed on the Instructions, sounds like he could use to bolster some areas just a bit. His bball throw is low for instance. If I remember correctly, my son had a friend help him with practice run-throughs before he took his official test. He was determined to 'max' the test. Just the experience in my house. Good luck to him! PS. The minute he receives his appointment and accepts, tell him to run like Forrest Gump to prep for Plebe Summer! :zip: