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Aug 19, 2008
So I just talked to my counselor just now in regards to my college transcript and when she was going over my app. apparently she noticed my CFA retake "raw score" and she says "" and I wait for her to say something else and she than says "your CFA raw score is pretty low..." and I go "uh really? um is there a way I can retake it again?" and she said she was pretty sure i could only retake it once. my question is, how much weight does the CFA bare on your entire application? i remember reading somewhere that its about 10% of your application or something. also does anyone know where i can find the averages for the male CFA? I had thought I had done pretty decent and improved a lot in comparison to my first one...everything else on my application is really good and i would hate to know i screwed it all up because of my cfa...
also, what exactly is the point of the basketball throw? when i did this with the AFROTC commander, he was extremely confused on why they would make us test this and i did the poorest in the bb throw. what exactly does it test? arm strength?
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Averages can be found both on the and the candidate booklet in the online application and status page.