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    Does anyone know if the NA has even let it be known exactly how they score the CFA or how they weight each section?

    D told me last night that she thought she did 40something feet in the basketball throw which according to the tables is about average. She knows she did 9 point something in the shuttle while the average is 10.0/ She did the mile in 7:twenty something, while the average is around 8:06. Pushups she wasn't sure about but thought she did "ok" on them. Sit-ups she said she remembered doing really well but she wasn't sure of the number. Pull-ups where her weak point. She did 1, that they didn't count, while the average is 3. She did max out the flex arm hang but I know that doesn't count for even as much as doing 1 pull-up.

    Do numbers like that sound like something that she should train for and try to take the test again? She did those without one bit of training leading up to the test.
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    Your answer's right there. If she didn't practice or train at all, she is not going to do well. First time I took my CFA I hadn't practiced at all, and you could tell by the numbers.

    This second time around, I dropped over a minute on my mile and improved on everything else.

    However, my BGO did tell me that it's really the mile run, push-ups and crunches that "matter" the most.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to retake it; it would be prudent to do so.

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