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    Basketball throw: 51 ft
    Pull ups: 14
    Shuttle run 9.3 seconds
    Sit ups: 74
    Push ups : 76
    Mile run: 7:13

    I am most concerned about my basketball throw and mile time as these seem to be considerably lower than the posted averages. Does anyone know if these will be considered a pass? Thank you
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    Passing - probably

    Basketball throw is a mechanical item that needs practice. Push-ups an pull-ups were good, so appears you have the upper body strength, but lacked the non-traditional mechanics required for the basketball throw. (USMA forum has a thread at the top that discusses basketball throw)

    Shuttle run could be dramatically improved with good mechanics as well (good basketball coach could show you how to run lines)

    When is the last time you can update your CFA? Unless you have an LOA that just required 'passing' CFA, there are some simple things that would help you improve those scores which have little to do with physical fitness.

    Maximum Performance Scores by Event and Gender:
    B-Ball Throw Pull-Ups Shuttle Run Crunches Push-Ups 1-Mile
    Male 102 18 7.8 95 75 5:20
    Female 66 7 8.6 95 50 6:00
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